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Greetings From The Founder Vessels of Living Water is a growing organization serving the community of “at-risk” teen girls of the Middle & High Schools in the city of Jacksonville Florida & surrounding  areas.  Vessels of Living Water empowers teen girls to achieve in school, take responsibility for their behavior, void teen pregnancy, violence and other negative behaviors.  Vessels of Living Water understands the impact on our community and the changes that need to take place to have a better city. It’s our desire to collaborate with our local schools, churches and other Youth-Serving Organizations, to provide Vessels of Living Water programs directly within the reach of teens centered activities.  Most of our partner collaborated sites are located in At-Risk low income neighborhoods where our youth are in most need of support.

I invite you to partner with us and also join us at any of our events.  If you know of any teen which fit our criteria, please feel free to forward our information


Rene’ Johnson, Founder and President
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As a Vessels of Living Water contributor, your company can make a difference.  Your support of Vessels of Living Water makes an important social statement, helps develop community relations, offers a tax deduction, or perhaps your donation is part of a larger marketing strategy.

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